6. Polluting Industry Must Pay

Challenge – Threat

Polluting Industry is not Paying Enough!

  • Climate plans promised to make polluting industries pay their fair share for GHG emissions – but suggested that there might be exemptions across the board
  • no mention of steps to offset costs that may be passed on to consumers, or help for vulnerable Ontarians or even small businesses however incentives for large industrial emissions are significant
  • refusal to adopt the federal carbon pricing system for industrial polluters – own weaker system won’t even be implemented until 2023 
  • Some questionable assertions by the current minister of the environment including about funding for projects and how much of a difference supported initiatives will make to GHG output

What do we need instead!

NewClimate Institute for Climate Policy and Global Sustainability http://bit.ly/CoBenefits

Make sure Polluting Industry Pays!

  • do not exempt polluting industries from carbon pricing; instead, ensure that they pay their fair share; an end to fossil fuel subsidies
  • offset costs that may be passed on to consumers and help vulnerable Ontarians and small businesses instead of large industrial emitters
  • implement a carbon pricing system for industrial polluters that is as strong or stronger than the federal one and speed up the timeline for implementation – before 2023!
  • make honest assertions about the value of funded industrial projects or the province’s role in that funding – transparency, accuracy and honesty about who’s emitting, what’s being done about it and the difference it will make!

Act like it’s an emergency! Amping up the approach….

Holding high-emitting industry accountable is also a matter of fairness and climate justice. Oil corporations have a lot of power and they lobby government continually. Their executives control an extreme amount of wealth. On top of that, the industry is highly subsidized BY TAXPAYERS. In fact, without these TAXPAYER DOLLARS, and factoring in costs like cleaning up tailings ponds, analysts have found THAT MUCH OF THE INDUSTRY IS A NET DRAIN ON OUR ECONOMY! Instead of looking out for oil and gas corporations, it’s time to turn to assisting the workers who need more resilient jobs and to everyone’s health and wellbeing for the long-term.

Indigenous-led land back movements are examples of both emergency level and climate justice actions. These are taking place in opposition to projects that are destructive to intact lands and waters, right here in Ontario and across Canada.

Spotlight on Climate Justice! 

Action to ensure GHG polluting industries and corporations account for their contribution to climate change is also both an emergency level and climate just option, to ensure that those industries that profit from fossil fuel pollution, often by deceiving the public, pay their fair share for the resulting climate damage.

  • Consider legal strategy to ensure that the companies most responsible for the climate crisis pay to help address it!
  • Support for and subsidies to the fossil fuel industry and those that contribute to biodiversity degradation, are immediately unacceptable.

Example of a win! 

1. Laurentian Bank announced it would stop directly financing exploration, production and development of coal, oil and gas. It is the largest Canadian bank to do so.

2. After years of activism, including actions by Greenpeace, the Bank of Canada referred to how climate change will impact the Canadian economy in its mandate for the first time.

What else can we do?

Join a group: https://bankingonabetterfuture.org

Take Action: Join a divestment rally, pressure your bank or switch to a credit union.

Learn more: https://www.toronto350.org/tags/divestment

Any other thoughts?

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